16 Questions 'PLL's Season 5B Promo Left Us With

Even though Pretty Little Liars ' Christmas special on Tuesday is exciting, there's something even bigger ahead: the premiere of Season 5B. Based on a new promo revealed on BuzzFeed, the stakes are higher and "A" is even more dangerous when the second half of the second premieres on Jan. 6. Big changes are exactly what we can expect throughout the season, ending with a twist that creator Marlene King says is the most "demented and mind-boggling" they've ever gone, so prepare to be shocked.

Given that the short 30-second teaser includes flashes of Alison potentially in jail, Spencer's mug shot, Aria nearly getting killed by a nail-gun wielding "A" in his or her signature black hoodie, and Mona's funeral, no one is prepared for the intense twists on PLL this year. Oh, and did I mention creepy Mrs. Grunwald is back with eyes more piercing and terrifying than ever? Looks like she'll be the new Liar in town. Since we still have a few weeks until we get any semblance of real answers, I put laundry list of questions after watching the promo on repeat. Mostly I want to know if Aria is actually "A" and is just blaming everything on Alison, and more importantly, if one of the Liars is going to die this season.

  1. Did Alison kill Mona? Because it seems like Spencer thinks so. (And I do, too.)
  2. Why is Ali wearing a pink floral dress to Mona's funeral? Way harsh.
  3. Is Spencer definitely going to jail? That mug shot is very telling…
  4. Why is Aria the only one telling Ali she's "A"? Is it because Aria's really "A"? (Jussayin'.)
  5. Why Is Mrs. Grunwald in Rosewood?
  6. Where the heck are Spencer and Aria trapped, surrounded by metal walls?
  7. Did "A" trap Spencer and Aria together because they were going to expose Ali?
  8. Is that Emily with them too, wielding an axe to break them out of there?
  9. Uh, where's Hanna?
  10. Are Spencer and Caleb teaming up too?!
  11. Why did they discover a Breaking Bad suit and what is probably a decomposing body in a barrel, a la Dexter?
  12. Does Mrs. Grunwald possess supernatural powers, or is she just staring creepily into Ali's eyes?
  14. Who is she saying "you're next" to? "A"?
  15. Will someone die in Season 5B?
  16. Will it be Aria, murdered by "A" with a nail gun?

Image: ABC Family