Austin Butler To Play An Elf On TV

Great news, fans of fantasy lit and/or The Carrie Diaries: Austin Butler will star in Shannara, an MTV scripted series based on Terry Brooks's fantasy novel series. The Carrie Diares hunk (HUNK, I say!) will play Wil Ohmsford, an el— OK. Before I continue, please allow me to lay my cards out on the table: I have not read any of the Shannara books. I didn't know anything about the series prior to scouring the Internet for deets. So, I apologize in advance for my newbishness.

The first season of the show is based on The Elfstones of Shannara, the second book in the series. Wil is the last of the magical Shannara family. He is part elf, part human, and according to MTV.com, he's characterized as “kind, thoughtful, and likable.” According to the Shannara Wiki, his adventure begins when a druid reaches out to Wil. The mission: help save the Ellcrys (the sacred tree of the Elven people).

Let me get this straight: Butler plays a nice elf-human with magic powers who's charged with preserving the Elven population? OK, I'm in.

I know Austin Butler is not Sebastian Kydd. I know Wil Ohmsford is not Sebastian Kydd. But neither fact has stopped me from imagining the elf-human channelling the dreamboat Carrie Diaries character. SORRY, NOT SORRY.

When Wil's running around like this:

...I hope he occasionally takes a break to hit the camera with a heart-stopping smile

And when Wil's doing stuff like this:

I wouldn’t be mad if he decided to remove his shirt

And when Wil's searching for magical items...

...Maybe toss in a smoldering look here and there

And when Wil battles enemies...

...It'd be nice if he prefaced it with a super heroic and swoon-worthy declaration every once in a while

And if Wil's going to wear sunglasses...


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