No, the Clooneys Are Not Having a Baby... Yet

Stop trying to turn flowy and baggy clothes into a pregnancy. Amal Alamuddin is not pregnant with George Clooney's baby — and giving birth to what would probably be one gorgeous child — just because she's not wearing tight clothes. TMZ first circulated the baby rumor by sharing photos of Alamuddin (who married the Gravity actor in Venice in September) wearing a beautiful flowing white coat. She also appears to be somewhat hunched over, causing what looks to be a baby bump. But, on Monday, People exclusively confirmed that the Clooneys are indeed not expecting.

Clooney's rep simply said, clarifying the rumors that got people in a tizzy and all excited for a Clooney child, "Amal Clooney is not pregnant."

This isn't the first time a celebrity's been accused of carrying a baby based on their outfit or their stomach looking a tiny bit bigger from eating too much at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Take Jennifer Aniston who's been accused of being pregnant on more than one occasion. Yep, we're still waiting on that baby.

First of all, just because someone with a flat stomach doesn't have one on any given day doesn't mean they are pregnant. I hate to be the one to break it you, but, yes, we women sometimes get bloated after eating. Shocking, I know.

Anyways, I'm sure when Amal and George decide to have a baby, it will be one special day. And, if they don't, then, sadly, we won't have any little Clooneys running around. Deal with it.

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