The Ultimate Jared Leto Hair Tutorial

Last weekend, the ageless handsome person we call Jared Leto went hiking in Los Angeles. And there are pictures. In said pictures, Leto shows off yet another glorious hairdo. His exquisite locks were styled in a half up, half down updo. And every last strand of hair looks nothing short of magnificent, per usual. Whether it's tied up in a man bun, halfway down, or flowing freely, his hair is perfect.

So, how can one achieve Leto's level of hair perfection? You could hand a photo of Leto to a hair stylist and say "You know what to do." You could buy a wig/extensions/weave. You could wish upon every shooting star you see.

...Or you could follow the Jared Leto Hair Tutorial*. Yes, it is the very same guide** the Academy Award-winning actor follows when styling his hair each morning. If you want a gorgeous coiffure a la Leto, may this step-by-step guide lead you to greatness.

(*aka the Jared Leto Hair Tutorial I Made Up. [Shrugs.])(**Haha, JK. It is not. [Shrugs.])

The Jared Leto Hair Tutorial

NOTE: Hair can be dry, damp, or sopping wet. Does not matter. Same can be said for the length.

STEP 1: Stare into your perfect reflection.

STEP 2: Stare into your beautiful blue eyes until you can no longer go without blinking.

STEP 3: Take a deep breath as you blink.

STEP 4: Keep your eyes closed as you exhale.

STEP 5: Open your eyes and reestablish eye contact with your perfect reflection.

STEP 6: Pay your hair an honest compliment.

STEP 7: Wait for your hair to acknowledge the compliment.

STEP 8: Take another deep breath.

STEP 9: Exhale.

STEP 10: Visualize whatever hairstyle your heart desires.

STEP 11: Bring your hands to your hair.

STEP 12: Gingerly touch the crown of your head with your fingertips.

STEP 13: Wait for the hair to approve the visualized hairstyle.

STEP 14: If the hair approves the visualized hairstyle, proceed to step 15. If it does not approve the visualized hairstyle, go back to step 1.

STEP 15: Think a happy thought.

STEP 16: Smile a genuine smile at your reflection.

STEP 17: Comb your fingers through your hair.

STEP 18: Chug 12 ounces of water.

STEP 19: Turn away from the mirror.

STEP 20: Take another deep breath.

STEP 21: Exhale.

STEP 22: Turn around and look at the mirror. Your hair should be styled exactly like you visualized.

If it did not work, you either A) did not receive the hair's approval, B) did not smile a genuine smile, or C) did not drink the water fast enough. Don't worry, you can always try again.

Images: anarchy-in-me, fyeahthirtysecondstomars, 50shadesofjaredleto/tumblr