13 Gifts to Make Every 'Simpsons' Lover Say, "WOO HOO!"

When it comes to the Holidays, nothing quite puts me in the spirit like The Simpsons Christmas episode, "Marge Not Be Proud." In it, Bart ruins a family photo when he gets caught stealing a copy of the video game Bonestorm. In turn, Bart ruins Christmas for his mother, the ever devoted Marge. But in the end, Bart turns it around and it's one of the best tear-jerkers in the history of Evergreen Terrace (and yes folks, there are lots). Some people might go to the Hallmark channel for their holiday fix, but for the past 25 years, I have always turned to the fine folks of Springfield instead.

If you're anything like me, then you'll absolutely love these 13 Simpsons gift ideas. Now get going, before I release the hounds!

A Homer Simpson Tea Cozy


Image: rosiecosie/Etsy

This Ornament

It’ll be the real star of your tree.

Image: TheUncommonCrafter/Etsy

Teeny Tiny Earrings

Hi-diddly-ho, neighborino! Also available in Rod & Todd, Milhouse & Nelson,Chief Wiggum & Ralph and many more!

Image: IntersectingDesigns/Etsy

Duff Beer Still Life Painting

I have never seen a more beautifully repurposed work of thrift store art.

Duff Beer Painting, $15, Etsy

Image: DavePollot/Etsy

Ralph Wiggum Cross Stitch

Words to live by, my friends.

Image: TVCrossStitch/Etsy

This Incredible Money Clip

…And there’s a picture of a train! Let the person you love know how you really feel.

Money Clip, $24, Etsy

Image: TheQuirkyGeek1/Etsy

Membership into the Sacred Order of the Stonecutters

Well, this ring at least. It’ll answer everything you’ve ever wanted to know, like, ”Who makes Steve Gutenberg a star?”

Ring, $9, Etsy

Image: leagueofshadows/Etsy

A Bort License Plate Phone Case

Barclay…Barry…Bert…BORT? Get the perfect smartphone case for the Bort in your life here.

Image: geninnova

A Miniature Donut Ring


Doughnut Ring, $17, Etsy

Image: CMYKlays/Etsy

Kang & Kodos Tote

Because, either way, your planet is doomed!

Tote, $20, RedBubble

Image: redbubble

For the Carnivore in Your Life

Remember to sing to the same tune as, “I am Evil Homer!” Buy this gem here, it even comes in a baby onesie option!

Image: redbubble

For the Writer in Your Life

This phenomenal canvas print. Now type, monkey!

Canvas Print, $48, Redbubble

Image: redbubble

This Chic Marge Clutch

Go on let your hair down…or up, really. This gold accessory is perfect for a night at The Gilded Truffle or The Singing Sirloin.

Image: BOMGOM/Etsy