10 'Sherlock' Gifts For Ladies Who Can't Get Enough of Benedict Cumberbatch & His Mind Palace

Woe to be a Sherlock fan. We all raced through the BBC show’s new episodes in the beginning of the year, and now we’re all going to have to wait until next Christmas before we get another new episode. But what about this Christmas? What gift can you buy the Sherlock fans in your life that’ll get them through almost all of next year? Something has to keep them going beyond this one photo of Sherlock and Watson wearing funny hats, yes?

I mean, you can’t just default to the easy gifts. A DVD set or the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle might’ve worked a couple years ago, but we’re on the third season here — or “series three” if you speak like a Brit — so it’s time to move beyond the basics. It’s time to take Sherlock gift-giving to the next level.

Here, some holiday presents good enough for the friend you thought was dead but magically returned to life, the one you thought would mess up a wedding toast but wound up killing it, and the one that outsmarts you and everyone around you at every turn — especially if they all happen to be the same person. (Or, you know, they’ll work for any ol’ Sherlock fan, too.)

Image: Robert Viglasky/Hartswood Films for MASTERPIECE

For the Sharp Dresser

No one really wants to wear a deerstalker cap out and about. (Holmes himself was kind of pissy about wearing one.) A Sherlock-inspired scarf, on the other hand, is a home run. Throughout the first season, Benedict Cumberbatch wore a tassled, navy blue scarf from Paul Smith, whose scarves cost more than 200 pounds; even the version from the BBC shop costs nearly 40 pounds. No one will know, though, if you get yours from Need Supply Co., which is on sale for $9.99.

Image: screenshot from Need Supply Co.

For Your Bestie

Nothing says “we have an almost unhealthily close relationship but can never talk about it unless our lives are in danger because we get too choked up” than a bracelet that evokes the Watson/Sherlock relationship. These “Watson to my Sherlock/Sherlock to My Watson” cuffs should do the trick. They’re made of hypoallergenic aluminum, and the set from Etsy seller kaieldesigns. You just have to fight over which one of you gets to be the relatively well-adjusted sidekick, and which one is the high-functioning sociopath.

Sherlock and Watson Cuff Bracelet, $23, Etsy

Image: screenshot from kaieldesigns/Etsy

For the Misanthropic Fan

Speaking of high-functioning sociopaths, if your Sherlock fan is a misanthrope, this hoodie serves a dual purpose. It’s is a clear random-conversation-with-strangers deterrent, with its creepy off-kilter smiley face and slogan that says “I’m not a psychopath…I’m a high functioning sociopath. Do your research.” Then again, other Sherlock fans will immediately recognize the reference (and “bored” smiley), so the hoodie really ensures that only the right random strangers will walk up and start a conversation. It costs £24.99 (about $40) plus shipping at the BBC Shop.Image: screenshot from

BBC Shop

For the Long-Distance Friend

If you think your gift-buying tasks are difficult, pity poor Watson, who has to perform Herculean feats to keep his presents a secret from Sherlock. Then again, it should be the thought and the effort that counts the most, right? Maybe the best present you can give that friend who always guesses what you got her beforehand is a holiday note on this Sherlock-inspired greeting card from Redbubble.

Sherlock Holmes Inspired Greeting Card, $3, RedBubble

Image: screenshot from Redbubble

For the Detective Who Needs a "Case"

Obviously, the front of your giftee’s phone is Sher-locked, but what about the rest of it? This iPhone 6 wallet case has the whole thing covered. The pattern is 221B’s Jacquard-print wallpaper, complete with yellow “bored” smiley. Inside has two credit-card slots plus a cash slot. You’ll have to come up with your own skip-code text message for “Merry Christmas.” The Sherlock iPhone 6 wallet case is available from Ebay for $22 plus shipping.

Sherlock Holmes iPhone 6 Wallet Case, $22, eBay

Image: screenshot from Ebay

For the Imbiber

Even a non-Sherlock has had moments like these: You’re trying to enter your mind palace, but all that you find inside is a word cloud filled with question marks. Human’s Sherlock Drunk Observations shirt, currently on sale for $23, is an American Apparel unisex fitted shirt that comes in a rainbow of colors, and it’s also available as a v-neck or racerback tank top.

Humans Sherlocks Drunk Observation Shirt, $20, Look Human

Image: screenshot from Human

For the Tea-Totaler

You may not be able to afford the Ali Miller Hempstead Heath tea set Mrs. Hudson keeps around 221B, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good, strong brew. Adagio Teas has a slew of Sherlock -inspired tea blends, and the Stag Night Recovery Tea — green tea with mint, lemon, and ginger — is perfect for those mornings after you’ve required the “Drunk Observation” shirt, when you’re trying to deduce the word for “chair,” and all that comes out is “sitty thing.” The Stag Night Recovery blend costs $12 per three-ounce pouch, or $24 for a five-ounce tin.

Stag Night Recovery, $12, Adagio

Image: screenshot from Adagio Teas

For the Cumberbabe

The least creepy way to snuggle up to Benedict Cumberbatch is by purchasing one of these cute, three-inch-tall little dolls. They’re hand-sewn and made of felt, and the Sherlock comes with a choice of the classic trench coat/scarf outfit or a purple shirt with black pants. Etsy seller WordsToSewBy also makes a Watson to go with the Sherlock, if you can’t bear the thought of one being without the other. They cost $20 each.

Sherlock Holmes Pocket Plush Doll, $20 Etsy

Image: screenshot from WordsToSewBy/Etsy

For the Everything-Fan

For the Sherlock-watcher who contains multitudes (of fandoms), Human’s tote bag has massive crossover appeal. Not only does it have Watson and Holmes, but it also has Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, and Castiel from Supernatural, and they’re all hanging out in front of a Dr. Who TARDIS. Steven Moffat would be pleased. The “Superwholock” tote bag is currently on sale at Human for $24.

The "Superwholock" Tote Bag, $24, Look Human

Image: screenshot from Human

For the Wannabe

First off, did anyone have any idea that the game “Clue” is called “Cluedo” in England? I had no clue (excuse the pun), and it’s the best thing I’ve heard all day. Even better: Sherlock Cluedo exists. Exchange Professor Plum and Miss Scarlett for suspects like Irene Adler and Mycroft Holmes, then you can all practice your powers of deduction together. Warning: Since this is only available from Amazon third-party sellers, the price varies, and it’s pretty pricey; save it for someone who has been very, very nice this year (or, you know, just buy it for yourself). As low as $60 plus shipping.

Cluedo Sherlock, $60, Amazon

Image: screenshot from Amazon