The Victoria's Secret Angels Are All BFFs

There are a lot of reasons why being a Victoria's Secret Angel seems really appealing. First of all, the wings. Few will ever get to wear those wings, so they're basically a badge of honor. Next up? The fact that they get paid to do one of my favorite things of all time: Walk around in really cute underwear. But mostly, I want to be a Victoria's Secret Angel because they all seem like best friends. During their recent trip to London for the 2014 fashion show, they seemed less like they were on a business trip for work and more like they were taking a luxury European vacation with their BFFs and happened to hit the runway while they were there. And I'm eternally jealous. So In case you were wondering: Yes, the Victoria's Secret Angels definitely appear to be friends.

How do I know they're friends? Because any time they weren't rehearsing for or filming the fashion show in London, they were together, having adventures and hanging out. I don't know about you, but if I wasn't a big fan of the girls I worked with, I'd be in my five star hotel room ordering room service and catching up on sleep. But these girls genuinely seemed to be enjoying each other's company while they were overseas.

Don't believe me? Let me hit you with some cold hard Instagram evidence.

They're all best friends, and they all match. Okay, so this is basically their work uniform, but still. I love them so much. Be my friends, guys?

And on one of their nights off, some of the angels (read: Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge, Martha Hunt, and the gals from Haim) hit the town together to hang out. Of course, Taylor Swift was there, because a requirement of being a Victoria's Secret Angel is a deep respect for and friendship with Taylor Swift. Yet another reason why I wish I could be inducted into this sparkly club. Ugh.

Here, Martha Hunt and Elsa Hosk are getting in on the BFF action.

I cannot. I cannot do it. They are too perfect. And Taylor Swift is here, again. Goodbye.