What Happened When Beyoncé Met Kate Middleton?

On Monday night, a historic moment took place in the history of America. No, I'm not talking about President Obama taking over The Colbert Report, although that was pretty historic, too. Instead, the Royal Family (sans Blue Ivy) met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Yes, everyone, Jay Z and Beyoncé met Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Brooklyn Nets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game in New York City on Monday. The fact that these two power couples had yet to meet prior to this moment is surely a travesty, but, then again, both couples are busy being actual royalty and absolutely amazing that getting their schedules to overlap is like trying to see two shooting stars passing in the night. It just doesn't happen unless you're super lucky. (Or study stars for a living.)

According to numerous sources, the Duke and Duchess made their way to their courtside seats about seven minutes into the third quarter of the game. Between the third and fourth quarter, Jay Z and Beyoncé glided across the court from their own seats like actual angels from on high to meet the other royal couple while, as Us Weekly reports, "'God Save the Queen' and then 'Crazy In Love' blasted throughout the arena." (I assume this meeting came as a surprise to the Barclays Center as well, which is why they didn't have some sort of remixed version of the two songs mish mashed together ready for this.)

So when you're royalty meeting royalty, what do you talk about? What do you even say? I find it hard to believe that Beyoncé or Kate Middleton could ever get tongue-tied, awed as they might have been by each other's presence (and fashion choices), and despite the fact that Prince William is a huge Jay Z fan, according to BuzzFeed, I doubt he was at a loss for words either. Their meeting might have been too short for any lasting bonds to have been formed, but I think I can guess just based on the photos of the event exactly what went down in this iconic moment.

The Pleasantries

After getting the greetings and the hand shaking out of the way, the first question that was burning through Prince William's head was how, exactly, Jay Z came up with the brilliance that was "Dirt Off Your Shoulder." Or anything on Watch the Throne. Jay Z was, of course, happy to tell him, but only if Prince William gave him tips on being a dad for the second time. (You know, just in case those rumors about Beyoncé being pregnant again are true.)

The Intel

Meanwhile, the ladies were discussing more pressing subjects. After getting the obligatory exchange of "I love your outfit, where did you get it?" comments back and forth, Kate Middleton asked for Beyoncé's advice on how to continually manage and impress the masses of people who look up to her as a goddess. Beyoncé, stunned and flattered by this question, revealed that all she does is channel Middleton's grace and poise and that always gets her through. In an instant, they became best friends.

The Excitement

After talking music with Jay Z, Prince William realized that he was in the presence of the actual Beyoncé and could no longer contain his glee. At this point, he took the opportunity to tell her that he and Kate had watched the "7/11" music video at least that many times — and that Prince Harry had learned half the dance moves. When asked if he also knew how to do a Beyoncé move, Prince William blushed. Blushed!

The Greeting

Kate Middleton isn't as big of a fan of Jay Z's music as her husband is, but she was happy to help embarrass Prince William further by revealing to Jay Z exactly how many hundreds of times his songs had been played on William's iPod. Prince William disappeared at this time, presumably to hide his face and/or find something for Jayoncé to autograph.

The Iconic Pose

Eventually, Prince William returned, enabling everyone on the scene to get this iconic shot of British royalty meeting music royalty — as Jay Z and Beyoncé and Prince William and Kate Middleton took a moment to laugh at how surreal it was that they could cause an international event just by standing this close to one another. Ah, the lives of the rich and famous.

The Bragging Rights

With a single glance, Prince William communicated to Kate Middleton exactly how hard he was going to rub this in when he next saw Prince Harry. In fact, he wasn't even going to wait. He was going to text his brother immediately. Meanwhile, Beyoncé was already planning a thousand and one Prince George and Blue Ivy playdates while Jay Z planned to compose a rap song about this immediately.

All right, so I'm pretty sure absolutely none of this is what actually happened. But, hey, a girl can dream.