6 Perfect Souvenir Ideas for Prince George

In case you haven't heard, Prince William and Kate Middleton are visiting the U.S. right now for three days. During this trip, they're hitting up the east coast cities of New York and Washington D.C. On Monday night, the royal couple hung out at a Brooklyn Nets game with none other than music royalty, Beyoncé and Jay Z. But that wasn't the only memorable part of Monday evening. William and Kate met LeBron James —who's a king in his own right, at least in basketball.

While sports are great and all, that's not the part that caught my attention. The best part of this visit? James gave the family a mini Cleveland Cavaliers jersey for Prince George. How cute is that?! My mind could explode from just the thought of such an adorable baby wearing a mini basketball uniform. Sure, Prince George's wardrobe was already great, but it definitely was missing some athletic wear.

This whole thing got me thinking... I wonder what other little gifts the couple will scoop up for Prince George during their trip to the states! He totally needs a set of souvenirs from the visit, so I've rounded up a list of perfect present ideas.

Here's his parents showing off he gift he already got:

Now here's a wish list of what else he should receive:

"I <3 NY" Shirt

Touristy? Yes. Adorable? Duh. If his parents are visiting the city, George can't not get one of these shirts. It's a necessity.

If that's not cheesy enough, why not cheese it up with this pizza shirt for toddlers? I want one in an an adult size:

NYC Pizza Bib

Speaking of pizza, there's this adorable bib! Is George too old for bibs? I'm not sure, but this is super cute. And hey, I'm 23 but sometimes spill on myself. I bet the royal baby isn't a mess-free eater either.

Statue of Liberty Crown

Again, it may seem corny, but it's part of the NYC experience. If he can't see the statue firsthand, he should at least dress up like it.

Abraham Lincoln Hat

On Monday, Prince William visited President Obama in DC. While in the capitol, he should've definitely picked up presidential gifts for little Georgie. Something like this Lincoln baby beard and hat combo from Etsy would be perfect!

White House Legos

He can visit the White House anytime he wants if he has his own toy set. What child doesn't love Legos? (I mean, sure, he's royalty and can afford better play things. But shhh!)

Images: GrandSlamNewYork.com, CafePress.com (2), Ebay, Etsy, shop.lego.com