Kelly Thinks Bobby Pins Are So Last Year

If there's one thing to say about Kelly Osbourne, it's that her fashion choices are truly never about keeping it in the safety zone. Safety pins, however, are totally fair game. At the recent TrevorLIVE Los Angeles Benefit, the Fashion Police co-host rocked her candy-colored hair as per usual, but she added an edgy twist: Kelly Osbourne wore safety pins in her hair.

Talk about making do with what ya got. While anyone else would be searching for the perfect headband or sweet flower to treat their tresses, Osbourne's brave enough to grab the handful of safety pins just sitting on her dresser and somehow make it work. No surprises there. With an already too-cool-for-you mohawk, Osbourne weaved the safety pins into her haphazard braids, chaining them together just like her chic + punk rock look.

Osbourne's sure no stranger to being a sharp dresser, though (I'm totally killing it with the puns today...). About six months ago, she first revealed her safety pin studded hair via Instagram, looking like an effortlessly ethereal creature you seriously wouldn't want to mess with. Osbourne may be showing us all how it's done, but there are tons of other sharp accessories out there if you're also looking to pin your look together. So be sure to check out Kelly's 'do below and then take a peek at these other safety pin goodies, you little punk rocker, you!

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

1. Nasty Gal's Stay Safety Brooch, $15

2. The Safety Pin and Fringe Necklace at Maurice's, $16

3. MARC by Marc Jacob's Safety Pin Bangle, $78

4. Safety Pin Fringed Ballet Flats, $301

5. An Yves Saint Laurent Kilt Mini Skirt with Oversized Safety Pin Detail, $1,049

Images: Courtesy Brands