Watch 'The Avengers' Sing Christmas Carols

We're in countdown mode now, folks — both to Avengers: Age Of Ultron and to Christmas. So you know what that means, probably, from having experienced the ways of the Internet before: Someone has edited together a video of the Avengers singing Christmas carols. It's yet another point for the team of people, like me, who think Christmas would be way more fun if it was more like Halloween.

This video exists in the same vein as all those videos of President Obama "singing" Top 40 songs — someone spliced together regular talking to turn it into fun music times. Clips are pulled from a wide variety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's fare so far, from Iron Man, to Captain America: Winter Soldier, to Guardians of the Galaxy. It's all pretty goofy, I gotta say, but I'm a sucker for Avengers funtimes to help make up for all the pain I know's coming in Age Of Ultron, and if Joss Whedon refuses to drag his A-list cast out of their busy schedules to make regular sketches and Christmas videos then I guess I have to rely on the Internet for my entertainment.

By far the best part of this whole thing, however, is when Groot has his beautiful solo.

Image: Marvel Studios