Drake & Diddy Were Fighting Over... a Song?

Update: According to TMZ, the song in question is "0 to 100" by Drake which was recently nominated for two Grammys. Listen, I really like Drake. He was Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi, he loves his momma, he's the sensitive boy who has launched a thousand memes, so what could he have possibly done to get punched by P. Diddy? On Monday, TMZ reported that P. Diddy punched Drake at Miami club LIV. The initial reports that came out said that the cause of the brawl was over some remarks an apparently inebriated Drake was making toward P. Diddy's long time love, Cassie. Of course, it seems like making two grown men fight over a woman is the easiest way to justify this silly behavior, but now TMZ has some sources that claim the real reason is that Diddy and Drake were fighting over a song.

Reportedly, a producer gave both of them a song to record more than 8 months ago, and Diddy didn't act fast enough so Drake went on to record and release the track. The encounter at LIV is said to be the first time they had seen each other since the release. Well, it seems that Diddy confronted Drake and many of the witnesses heard him say to Drake, "You'll never disrespect me again," right before the punch that launched a thousand blog posts.

All of this talk about Diddy and Drake's brawl made me wonder if they have ever had a previous shady encounter, or if this was just a bunch of pent up testosterone waiting for this exact moment to erupt. It seems like a combination of both.

Back in February, a video started to circulate of Drake "disrespectfully" snatching Diddy's microphone out of his hand while he was performing "Worst Behavior" during NBA All-Star weekend. The Internet went wild with speculation, and the reactions were mixed, with some people seeing this a total diss to P. Diddy, and some just thought it was out of necessity to finish the song. It looks like Diddy is about to jump in on the track and Drake takes matters into his own hands. Whatever the truth behind that clip is, it was hilarious, but could have harvested a tiny bit of tension between the two stars.

Drake has recently been involved a few beefs, notably with Chris Brown over Drake's alleged cheating with Brown's on-again, off-again girlfriend Karreuche Tran (and, previously, Rihanna) and with Tyga, which also involved his ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna. So, as a Drake fan, I really hope this fight wasn't solely about him trying to hit on Cassie because then I think he might have a serious problem.

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But there's another option. Could Lil' Kim's beef with Drake be any indication of a problem with Diddy? Lil Kim and Diddy have been making music together since the '90s and go way back to the roots of modern hip hop, and Lil Kim has expressed unflattering comments about Drake and is constantly bashing his record label-mate, Nicki Minaj.

Back in September, Lil Kim posted a photo of her posing with P. Diddy in the studio, obviously showing that the two are on good terms and remaining loyal to each other. I don't want to start any rumors but since Lil Kim has been hating on the Young Money crew so much more lately, Diddy could also be holding some grudges, just not being as vocal. I mean, three punches to the face is saying something. Either way, let's hope that these two get a grip and stop trying to steal each other's girls, songs, etc. and just focus on the music and better times with Ciroc and champagne showers.

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