Gwen Stefani Finally Reveals Her Fashion Inspo

Gwen Stefani has been a number one trendsetter since her No Doubt days many moons ago. Her eclectic pieces, piled-on jewelry, Harajuku influences, and rockstar chicness have made Stefani a style icon. Tons of guys and gals have followed her envious style evolution from hot pink hair to Monroe-blonde tresses, from retro-punk to sexy sophistication, and have looked to the Queen of 2000's Pop for style inspiration. But where does the singer/fashion designer get her fashion inspo nowadays? Exactly where everyone else seems to be looking — Gwen Stefani takes style inspiration from her younger self.

In an interview with O, The Oprah Magazine this month, Stefani pleaded innocent to stealing anyone's fashion sense besides fearless, little 14-year-old Gwen. "In 1982, I was into ska music, James Dean, and the Latino culture in my Southern California neighborhood. As a result, I tried to dress outside the box, different from what the other kids were wearing, with a laid-back vibe — and big accessories. More than 30 years later, that’s still my look." Umm, sorry but eighth grade Gwen sounds super cool and I kinda want to be her friend...

I actually think it's awesome that Stefani's looking to her younger self for outfit influence. It's totally refreshing to see someone be proud of the fearless fashion they rocked back in the day and not attempting to burn all of their middle school pictures for a change. While I'm seriously still judging eighth grade me (sooo much Juicy Couture...), I'm sure middle school Gwen was the epitome of a fashion prodigy. Want some more retro fashion inspiration? Here are some other baby celebs we should totally be taking cues from.

1. Ashley Benson

Baby Benzo sure loved her floral prints!

2. Chelsea Handler

That pose... the hand on the hip... that smize... I've just decided that I need a selfie lesson from Chelsea Handler.

3. Taylor Swift

Velvet's making a comeback and of course T-Swift knew it all along.

4. Hilary Duff

That DIY soda tab necklace, though... #innovation

5. Bella Thorne

98 percent sure that I picked up those same shades at Urban last summer.