This is How Victoria's Secret Models Exercise

You know it’s the end of the year when the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is upon us. This tends to be the only fashion show that a lot of the general population — myself included — tunes in for, because who can resist watching ladies trot down a runway wearing giant cherub wings made of 24 carat gold? You've got to be in pretty great shape to carry that weight while wearing stilettos, and now we can give you a glimpse into what the Victoria Secret Model workout routine entails. Based on this workout video with Laura Prangley of SELF Magazine’s “Girl vs. Sweat” series, maintaining an Angel's appearance is exhausting.

Prangley got to work out with one of the Victoria's Secret model trainers, Michael Olajide, Jr., and while the routine is intense, Olajide makes it look effortless. And Prangley, with her hilarious quips and comments throughout the video, helps to keep it fun and lighthearted. “How do the Angels do it when all they eat is like a pea, right?” she asks. But seriously, how? Even though the video is about working out like an Angel, it’s great to see a normal looking woman having fun while working out without making it about comparing herself or anybody else to Victoria's Secret Models. Even models have a hard time fitting the beauty standards of the fashion industry.

I would try out this routine, but I think Prangley worked out enough for both of us. So that means we both earned a cupcake, right? Right.