Lance Bass Confirms *NSYNC Reunion at His Wedding

Does it still count as a reunion if it's clear these guys still hang out at least semi-regularly? Like, I feel kind of melodramatic whenever I call an event where I'm going to be seeing friends I saw like six months ago a "reunion." Regardless, under the pop culture blogosphere's rules of conduct, what's approaching for the members of *N SYNC has already been classified as a reunion. I mean, what else are weddings for, if not to get down on the dance floor with former boy-banders?

The wedding in question will be that of former *N SYNCer Lance Bass to fiancé Michael Turchin. What makes it especially reunion-tastic, you ask? There will be cameras there! E! will be airing a 90-minute special about the wedding come February 5 called Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding. And as Bass told E! News, his former boy-banders will be joining him on the air, with one terrible exception:

Of course the boys are going to be there, unfortunately Justin's not going to be able to go because that's his last date on tour and I had no idea he'd be touring right next to Christmas. He'll be the only guy not able to make it that day. I couldn't imagine getting married without those boys being right there!

Dammit, Justin Timberlake! If a reunion happens without the most famous break-out member present, does it ever even happen at all?