'RHOBH' Star Eileen's House is as Kooky as She is

It was a family affair on the Dec. 9 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . Kyle Richards went away with her family to Mallorca, Spain before being joined by her extended family member, Yolanda Foster. Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken shopped for some duds for their baby, their Pomeranian Giggy. But it was a visit to newbie Eileen Davidson at home with her family that really left an impression.

During last week's episode, I noted that Eileen was going to be a wonderful and wonderfully crazy addition to RHOBH this season. And boy, was I right. This is only Eileen's second appearance on the reality show so far, and already she is well worth her wait in hairspray.

Our first glimpse inside Eileen's house was basically seeing her — cough cough third cough cough — husband teen idol/tennis pro/World Poker Tour personality Vince Van Patten chasing the family dog around and around the couches in their living room. Let's just say when Vince finally caught the dog, whose name is Charlotte, it's not that he won but that Charlotte let him win. Yeah.

This was followed by the couple setting up a slip and slide for the apparent summer camp that also doubles as their backyard. But the kids enjoy it, and that's all that matters, isn't it? I mean, they were even lighting a flame in the outdoor fireplace. It's the summer, but OK. I guess this is what the rich and fabulous do in Beverly Hills? It's hot, but you gotta live life to excess, right? Make it hotter!

Then Eileen tried to pretend like she's not competitive when she clearly totally is exactly that. She literally said "I'm gonna kill you" while playing some sort of badminton or outdoor table tennis game. And remember, her husband is a former tennis pro. This lady's got balls, and I don't mean the tennis kind.

As much as I kid here, I have to admit. I had a lot of fun watching Eileen at home. It was definitely a bright spot in an otherwise ho-hum episode. Does Bravo actually think we like to see the Housewives being fun and fancy free with their families? Uh, no.

However, this episode did confirm what I had already thought about Eileen: She's feisty, and when the other Housewives come for her, she's going to throw it right back in their faces. I can't wait for that to happen.

If Bravo had a family-centric episode of RHOBH this week because it's the holiday season when everyone's full of good cheer and warmth as they hang with their families, then they're sadly mistaken. We all know that family members bring the drama as much or even more than anyone else in our lives, and sorry to say, this episode could have sure used more of that.

Image: Michael Larsen/Bravo; fromthemotionpicture/Tumblr (2)