13 Peeta Inspired 'Hunger Games' Tattoos For Anyone Who's in Love With The Boy With The Bread

Think about the number of people who have read or seen The Hunger Games around the world. That's a lot of people, right? Almost too many to fully comprehend. And obviously, of that group, there are people who have been so inspired by the series that they wanted to ink part of it on their skin permanently so that they can carry around Suzanne Collins' characters and words with them forever — in particular, Peeta, who is played by Josh Hutcherson in the film version.

There are tons of tattoos inspired by Peeta out there, so if you're looking for inspiration, you've come to the right place. Click through the gallery to see a collection of Peeta-themed tattoos, and I assure you, if the question is whether they're real or not real, the answer is real.

Image: Tattoo_Thailand/Instagram

The Odds Are Never In Our Favor

After Catching Fire, this is the official maxim of Panem. And poor Peeta, trapped in the Capitol where he was being totally brainwashed, knows that better than anyone.

Image: Dearchels/Instagram

"Always" Tattoo

This tattoo, a reference to the unforgettable (and ultra adorable) Katniss and Peeta conversation that went “Stay with me?” “Always,” includes the Mockingjay to make its point.

Image: Paulien_Fangirl_THG/Instagram

Mockingjay tattoo

Can you go wrong with the mockingjay? No, you cannot.

Image: Tattoo_Thailand/Instagram

The Boy With The Bread

This super simple tattoo is so adorable. How cute is that little loaf of bread?!

Image: majorusher/Instagram

'May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor'

Simple, clean, and even includes the iconic arrow.

Image: noirfairfax/Instagram

'Deathly Hallows' Meets 'Hunger Games'

This tattoo is perfect for fans who love Harry Potter and The Hunger Games — and Katniss and Peeta’s relationship.

Image: Deathlyhallows1996/Instagram

Hand Holding Bread

Peeta loves bread. Just imagine this is his hand, tossing it to Katniss, when they were kids.

Image: gabbyvasquezart/Instagram

'Bread is Life'

Peeta would very much agree that bread is, in fact, life.

Image: russelllucky7tahoe/Instagram

Real or Not Real?

This gorgeous tattoo signifies the revolution and Katniss and Peeta’s relationship — and if you like this classic style of tattoo, this is an awesome one to get.

Image: Juliebolene/Instagram

Peeta Himself

Need Peeta’s face on your body? This rendition is pretty close.

Image: jerome_chapman/Instagram


If your answer to “Real or Not Real?” is “Real,” this tattoo is for you.

Image: typemilias/Instagram

Real — Plus an Arrow

Love Peeta and Katniss’ famous quote and the mockingjay arrow? This tattoo is simplistic and girly — and super cute.

Image: sineadcodd/Instagram


Mark yourself as a tribute like Peeta — and the fact that it’s in the Hunger Games font makes it that much sweeter.

Image: Sandi_Donelli/Instagram