Freida & Dev Split, Hearts Break Everywhere

Warning: if you're a fan of Slumdog Millionaire and its two lead actors, then, sadly, we have some bad news for you. According to Us Weekly, Freida Pinto and Dev Patel have split after almost six years together. Can you hear that? That is the sound of hearts breaking everywhere as we mourn yet another beloved celebrity couple. These two gave fans hope that a famous couple could last, but, alas, they seem to have gone their separate ways.

Pinto and Patel met on the set of their Oscar-winning movie in 2008. From that moment on they connected, but now they are reportedly moving on. Per one source, they are indeed broken up and "have been done for a while." According to another insider, "Freida is single and happy. Friends are setting her up."

Before their supposed breakup, the two were very outspoken about being soul mates and celebrating their love every day of the year. As they previously told Us Weekly, Pinto and Patel never even celebrated Valentine's Day, because "every day should be a celebration of love."

How can a couple that was that in love be done? Well, life happens and people move on. But I'm not saying that's why they ended their longterm relationship. Whatever the reason, I'm sure fans will still support them no matter what. Hey, you never know, they could always rekindle their flame at some point or another!