7 Fatshionistas I Would Invite to My NYE Party

by Sarah Martindale

New Year's Eve is all about getting together with wonderful people and having the BEST. TIME. EVER. I may have mentioned before how much I love New Year's Eve, but just in case you didn't get the memo... I love it a lot! Last year I attended a party with a bunch of fabulous people at a friend's house, and come the early morning, my boyfriend (who had been working all night, the poor dear) called to admonish me for falling asleep on somebody's floor again. But the party was still going strong! And I simply cannot resist a good fiesta — which brings me to my next point. How amazing would a celebration with one's favorite plus-size fatshionistas be?!

I just can't help my love for December 31st. It's quite possible that it's down to nostalgia. My partner and I got together around this time of year, and the first big event we went to as a couple was a NYE party at a friend's house. This is absolutely the corniest thing I could ever say, but it was the night I knew we were the real deal. Since he is teetotal and it was a new relationship, I was keen to make a good impression and I didn't indulge once all night. Obviously it worked, as six years on we are still happy (though I am generally less inclined to worry about making a good impression these days).

This year, I have yet to make any plans. It will likely be a quiet evening at home (since I think I may still be recovering from last year's hangover). If I were throwing a party, however, and one that could cross oceans and even continents, there are a few incredible women I would love to invite to welcome in the new year by my side.

Bethany Rutter

In her own words, Bethany Rutter (writer and DJ) is a "fat, tattooed femme" whose Twitter feed is doused in dry wit. I have actually been to one of Bethany's "Dancing On My Own" club nights (sadly, they are no more) and if that was anything to go by, I think she would be a pretty incredible addition to any party.

Tess Munster

What is there to say about Tess that hasn't been said already? She's gorgeous, obviously, but her work for body confidence is admirable, and she has inspired many, many women to love themselves. Which is SO. DAMN. IMPORTANT. Is there anyone who does not love her? No. There's not.

Kellie Brown

Kellie's wonderful blog, And I Get Dressed is a treasure trove of gorgeous clothing, accessories and beauty tips. She injects her wonderful sense of humor into her posts as well, whilst her sense of style is honed to perfection.

Georgina Grogan

What a babe! Georgina's fabulous blog has just won an award for "Best Fashion Blog" at the 2014 Plus Size Awards. She would be the perfect person to help you choose what dress to wear and give you tips on perfecting your makeup.

Lucia Morris

I have had the pleasure of meeting Lucia a couple of times, and she is just the sweetest woman! Lucia is an MUA by day and fatshion blogger by night. She has amazing style and is seriously gorgeous to boot.

Ragini Nag Rao

Oh Ragini, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. She may not love my pinup-inspired style, but I love her authentic vintage look. Ragini bucks trends and is true to her own fashion desires, and what is there not to love about that?

Denise Bidot

Let's be real, who wouldn't invite Denise Bidot to their party? If I'm honest, I think I would probably spend the night looking at her longingly from across a crowded room, but that's just me. This sounds weird and perhaps a little creepy... I'm sorry Denise.

Images: Bloggers