Lorde Won't Release "Lost Boys" But She Should

Generally when Lorde speaks, people tend to perk up and pay attention. She's quite a captivating individual so I'm usually amongst those who listen to her, but right about now I'm not trying to hear anything she has to say. For the sake of sharing something with her fans, Lorde posted a snippet of "Lost Boys" on Tumblr, which was a totally nice gesture. But she lost me by referring to the unreleased track she recorded last March as "not a good song." Either I have low expectations or Lorde's being modest because I actually enjoyed what I heard.

So forgive me, Lorde, if I plug my ears and sing "Lalala" while covering my eyes in order to avoid reading the rest of the Tumblr post that claims fans will "never hear the other three-quarters of the song." This sort of a musical tease feels like a cruel and unusual punishment. I mean, how bad could it be? Honestly, "Lost Boys," sounds pretty smooth and laid-back, which is basically like all the other Lorde songs people absolutely love. Perhaps she's looking to venture outside of the box, sonically speaking, which would provide a more feasible explanation for why she doesn't plan to release it. I'll go along with that made-up reasoning because it's a lot more sensible than accepting that one of her songs is "just not that good."

Since Lorde recently admitted to dumpster diving for clothes and furniture, would it be too much to ask for her to consider the same approach with her music? I'm not begging or anything. This is just a friendly reminder than one woman's trash could be treasured by a million fans. While she has plenty other things to cross off her to-do list, maybe, just maybe, she'll find a place in her heart (and upcoming album) for a revamped, polished version of "Lost Boys."