Shonda Rhimes Delivers the Most Epic Speech Ever

A mere three weeks remain in 2014, but it's still not too early to give the shero of the year award to Shonda Rhimes, for the awesome speech she gave after accepting the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at The Hollywood Reporter's annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast on Wednesday. The creator and executive producer of Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder delivered some extremely powerful words that were unequivocally inspiring and feminist. Seriously, after listening to her speech, I'm ready to frame her photo and display on it on a wall. It was just that good.

After viewing a taped congratulatory message from Michelle Obama, Scandal's Tony Goldwyn introduced Rhimes, who wasted no time launching into what is probably the most kick-ass acceptance speech anyone's heard in a long time. It's certainly worth viewing in its entirety, but here are some of its most riveting and feminist quotes:

Rhimes on Why She Questioned Receiving the Award

"I want to pause for a beat here to say that I don’t say these things to be self-deprecating and humble. I am not a self-deprecating, humble person. I think I’m a pretty fantastic badass."

Badass, indeed. Glad to hear Rhimes agrees with how everyone else sees her.

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On Breaking Through Hollywood's Diversity Barriers

"I know this isn’t an award because I’m a woman or because I’m African American. I know that it’s really about breaking the glass ceiling that exists in the face of being a woman and being black in this very male, very white town."

I absolutely admire how Rhimes is bold, fearless and holds nothing back.

On Why This Win Could Only Happen in 2014

"This moment right here, me standing up here all brown with my boobs and my Thursday night of network television full of women of color, competitive women, strong women, women who own their bodies and whose lives revolve around their work instead of their men, women who are big dogs, that could only be happening right now."

Way to go, Shonda! Girl power, a boob reference, and truth are rolled into one perfect feminist statement.

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Shouts Out to Her Vagina and Brown Skin

"I was born with an awesome vagina and really gorgeous brown skin."

She totally gets bonus points for mentioning her vagina in an acceptance speech.

On How She Feels About Receiving an Award Because She's a Black Woman

"To get all Beyoncé about it, people: 'I woke up like this.'"

Beyoncé quote, FTW.

And Finally, Gratitude to Women Everywhere

"Thank you to all the women in this room. Thank you to all the women who never made it to this room. And thank you to all the women who will hopefully fill a room 100 times this size when we are all gone. You are all an inspiration."

Every woman should be proud to know they had a hand in crafting such a beautiful moment.

Do yourself a favor and watch Rhimes' speech in its entirety below.

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