What's Up With the Fat-Shaming, Maggie?

Although Maggie and Jimmy got together rather quickly on American Horror Story: Freak Show, they seemed happy. But since Ethel has died, Jimmy has turned his affections to Ima — the new "Fat Lady" to join the freak show — and Maggie fat-shamed Ima when she caught them cheating. Of course, Maggie had every right to be angry. But her anger should have been directed toward Jimmy — not Ima. Jimmy is the one who was devoted to her — she doesn't even know Ima. And I bet Ima didn't even know Jimmy and Maggie were a thing since she just arrived. So, why such hateful words Maggie?

Now, we know Maggie is no saint — she works with Stanley after all. But she's seemed to have some sort of moral compass with not killing Ma Petite and all. Of course, in the heat of a moment, people say things they may regret. But Maggie showed a real nasty side to her when she told Ida she could be a "pillow" or "donut" and Jimmy would have slept with her — which is really, really messed up. It has nothing to do with Ima's size that Jimmy strayed. And yes, he's drunk and so his inhibitions are down, but that's not the point. Maggie's response to slap Jimmy was right, but turning on Ima was a classless move.

This isn't the first time that Jimmy has strayed. Earlier in the season, he made moves on Desiree and if she hadn't had a miscarriage, who knows where that would have ended? Maggie may not know about that encounter, but she's accepted Desiree and she should accept Ima for who she is. Yes, you can be mad that she's sleeping with your man — but her size should have nothing to do with it.

And hey — Jimmy — you can take some time to mourn over your mom, but for the sake of Edward Mordrake, sober up and figure out what you want.

Images: Michele K. Short/FX