This Wasn't The Wedding We Expected On 'Nashville'

After weeks of torturous push and pull that kept all fans biting their nails, Avery and Juliette got married on Nashville . That's right — the mid-season finale did have a wedding in it, but certainly not the one that anyone expected. It all started when Sadie had a talk with Avery that made us all a little bit nervous about what he was going to do next after she mentioned how impossible it is to remain friends with exes (and judging by what we saw of hers, I don't blame her one bit). For a second, it really looked like he was going to bust in and tell Juliette it was over for good. Instead, he proposed in the only way that Avery could possibly propose — awkwardly, bluntly, and adorably.

And just in case you weren't over your whiplash from that, the wedding at the end of the episode was so short and sweet that you might have blinked and missed it. Although it is a relief to see them come to some kind of a resolution with their relationship, it does all seem kind of rushed — is this really the best move for them right now? I'd love to think that now that the two of them finally seem happy that they're going to stay that way, but it's rarely smooth sailing on this show.

By the next time we see them, at least a few weeks will have gone by, so I'm guessing that we'll get a picture of how their married life is turning out just as soon as we tune in. I'm also guessing by then the baby will be well on her way (if there is not a baby making a dramatic entrance in the Spring premiere, then color me shocked). Well, Javery 'shippers, you finally got the good news we were all waiting for — let's hope that they have the willpower to make it last.

Image: Mark Levine/ABC