Why Are Desiree and Maggie Fighting on 'AHS'?

The only decent human moments of American Horror Story: Freak Show's "Tupperware Party Massacre" episode all revolved around Desiree. So it's a shame to see that Desiree and Maggie are fighting in the Dec. 17 episode "Orphans." But, why? These women were getting along so well (well, at least until Maggie freaked out over Jimmy and Ima). So why was Desiree threatening Maggie in the promo?

It seems that Desiree found out that Maggie and Stanley know each other. Desiree has every right to be suspicious of Maggie if she finds that out, but what Desiree doesn't know is that it's actually her husband who she should be screaming at for helping Stanley in the murder of Ma Petite. But that doesn't mean Maggie is not guilty at all. She knows what Stanley is doing at the freak show and hasn't told anyone, so she's a bit complicit in the death of Ma Petite — even if she isn't acting like it.

But there could be more that Maggie and Desiree have to fight about if tensions grow between the two. We found out that Desiree has a secret lover in the form of Angus T. Jefferson — even if we only saw him for a split second — in "Tupperware Party Massacre." I have no idea where the hell he came from, but Maggie was the only other person to see him at the freak show camp. And Desiree did say to her, "If you say anything, you'll be the one with a black eye." Her threat was in a more playful manner — not like she'd actually hurt Maggie. And Maggie genuinely seemed like she wouldn't say a word to anybody about seeing him. But in the world of AHS, we know a lot can change from one episode to the next.

Since Desiree saved Dell from killing himself, she may need to be in a more supportive role to her husband, so any mention of a lover could be an issue for her. So if Maggie spilled the beans, Desiree would have plenty of reason to be pissed.

But I'm thinking the reason things look so heated between the two women has to do (at least in part) with Jimmy. Now that Dandy is setting up Jimmy for the murders he committed, Maggie may try to clear Jimmy's name. If Jimmy gets blamed for the death of Ma Petite (even though Dell killed her and not Dandy, he could see be accused for it), Maggie has an in with Stanley to find out what really went down. Maybe she's going to reveal the truth about who actually killed Ma Petite — which would cause Desiree to get on the defense for her husband.

As it looks like more people in the freak show will be getting murdered based on the promo, everyone is going to be on edge. But Desiree and Maggie are usually pretty reasonable women (even if Maggie let us down in "Tupperware Party Massacre"), so they better stop their arguing and work together to figure out who's really the bad guy instead of turning on each other.

Image: Michele K. Short/FX; rydeforyou/Tumblr