'The Beyoncelogues' Have a Holiday Spin-Off

by Kenya Foy

Calling #TeamScrooge! Here's yet another reason to shut down all that talk about this being the most wonderful time of the year. Just before Christmas, The Beyoncelogues' Nina Millin has released a spin-off that will most certainly summon your inner Grinch. Instead of pouring out her heart through the lyrics of "Single Ladies" or "Irreplaceable," Millin's hilarious yet tormented pleas are directed at both Santa Claus and unrequited love — just like everyone who sang these awesome "All I Want For Christmas Is You" covers.

The only difference about the actress/writer's signature version is the fact that Millin is openly miffed about not receiving what she wants for Christmas (which is you, duh), and expresses her disappointment in her latest video, "A Yulelogue: All I Want For Christmas." If you don't know by now, she's the absolute best at what she does, and after watching it, I'm committed to writing and hand-delivering a heartfelt letter on Millin's behalf to that special someone she's missing right now because, quite frankly, I don't even want to think about what will happen if her 2014 Christmas wish list goes unfulfilled.Before viewing the video, I must reiterate that this Christmas cover may not be for those who are all glossy-eyed with holiday fever, happily shoveling snow, roasting chestnuts over an open fire and being all cheery and stuff. Oh noooo, this is for those who rage against the injustice of a holiday season that very well may leave you standing unattended beneath mistletoe, waiting for that snuggly kiss to happen while that gorgeous holiday makeup you spent hours applying feels increasingly in vain.Ah, well. Millin's video may suggest that she's feeling a little grinch-like, but at least she's funny.Check out "A Yuleogue: All I Want For Christmas" below:

Image: ninamillin/YouTube