Sarah Koenig Talks MailKimp On 'Colbert Report'

After I listened to the penultimate episode of Serial Thursday morning, I sat in silence for a few minutes. I missed the dulcet tones of the host's voice already. (To be honest, this happens to me every week.) (Also? AUGHHHHHHH I can't believe there's only one more episode.) So imagine the joy that consumed my entire being when I found out reigning Queen of Thursday Sarah Koenig was on The Colbert Report Wednesday night. More Koenig! Yesssssssssss!

Stephen Colbert asked the true crime podcast host about the Pineapple Express storm, her New Year's Eve plans, and where she— Oh, wait. Nope. Let me try again: Koenig and Colbert talked about the former's crazy-popular podcast, DUH DOYE.

Two very important things happen during the interview:

  1. Colbert dubs Koenig his Favorite Colbert Report Guest of All Time.
  2. Colbert asks Koenig the question that’s been on Serial listeners’ minds since episode one: Will that girl in the MailChimp ad ever get the name of the company right? Koenig doesn't have an answer, but does say that mystery will be solved in next week's finale.

The only problem with this interview is that it's less than six minutes long. I could watch these two play off of each other for hours:

Image: Comedy Central