Ashton Kutcher Would Be a Great Dad to a Teen Girl

Though there's still a part of me that is disappointed that Mila Kunis and MaCaulay Culkin split (she could have been the queen of the Pizza Underground), I'm pretty on board with Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher as a couple. I did go to high school in the early 2000s, after all, so like my many peers of the aughts, I stanned for Jackie and Michael on That 70's Show. The only thing better would be to see Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer bring their Ross and Rachel saga to real life.

Recently, Kunis and Kutcher welcomed their first child together, a girl named Wyatt, and on Wednesday night, Kunis visited Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show to chat about her "post-baby body" (personally, Iam very tired of this term, but I digress), saying, among other things, that "breastfeeding is a great workout." (I don't doubt it.)

She also agreed with Ferguson that having a girl as a child is much easier than raising a boy — until they hit that magically horrible era of puberty. Ferguson said girls are great "until they're teenagers" to which Kunis responded, "That's not my problem! That's daddy's problem!"

Which begs the question: WOULD Ashton Kutcher be more equipped at handling a teen girl through her most trying and melodramatic years? Though at first it sounds like a horrifying concept, take a second look and you'll find out Kunis is right.

He Gets the Net

Besides playing Steve Jobs, Kutcher was one of the first celebrities on Twitter AND he's already bought all the domain names for his still newborn Wyatt. So he can ensure her social media presence is on point.

He Knows How to Teach a Lesson

Have not you seen Punk'd?! Kutcher delighted in glee making celebrities look foolish and vulnerable in sneaky and often genius scenarios. Remember when he made Elijah Wood think he exploded a dumpster? He loved teaching lessons almost as much as the one-armed J. Walter Weatherman did on Arrested Development. Speaking from experience, teen girls are wily, and Kutcher will be a wily match of a dad.

He Can Dish It AND Take It

Per the wise words of one Michael Kelso: "BURN!"

He Knows How Scummy Teen Boys Can Be

I mean, not only from living as one, but from playing the scummiest, dimmest of them all, Michael Kelso (until, of course, Jackie shows him the error of his ways).

He's Got Tenure Raising Teens

All joking aside, while he was married to the much older Demi Moore, Kutcher spent a lot of time with her and Bruce Willis' three daughters, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah, and he still maintains a relationship with them. That's respectable resume experience for raising a girl.

He Just Loves Wyatt So Much

A teenage girl is lucky to have such a loving and forgiving dad. I know I was — I screwed up A LOT. And Kutcher has already said that he loves Wyatt forever and ever, amen, so he'll probably go easy on her through those rough and tough teenage years.

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