Clooney's Pitching a TV Show

Before he was the charming former bachelor who married a woman much more impressive than himself, George Clooney was our modern age, pre-eminent example of a TV actor who made good in his jump from television star to movie star. This was, of course, before movie stars started clamoring to be TV stars. Now he wants to chronicle a bit of what he witnessed during that time. Geroge Clooney wants to bring the '90s era movie business to the small screen as a one-hour dark comedy.

According to Vulture, the actor is teaming up with Foxcatcher director Bennett Miller and creator of Rescue Me Peter Tolan for this project. No one really knows much about what this thing will be yet — it doesn't have a network associated with it, so all we've really got to go on is the names already attached and Vulture saying that Sony "has had meetings with basic and premium cable networks, as well as at least one streaming service."

But hey, if George Clooney wants a TV show I kind of don't doubt that he'll get one set up. And this won't be Clooney's first TV dalliance since leaving ER, but his "return" — at least behind the scenes — seems fitting in an age where movie stars are making up the cast and production teams of so many cable and streaming projects.