Taylor Swift Is in the Midst of Another Feud

Well, this is a little bizarre no matter how you choose to look at it. It appears that if we can't get Taylor Swift to discuss her dating life, due to the fact that she is currently choosing not to have one, then we need something interesting to talk about. The number of best friends (and cats) she has must be getting old. After Diplo slammed Swift for not having a butt in a feud that didn't last as long as we'd hoped, yet another celebrity has stepped forward to take a potshot at the 1989 singer. Weirdly enough, it's another celebrity that has no history of involvement, negative or positive, with Swift that we know of. Apparently, Abigail Breslin called Swift a crazy cat lady, which, though a funny joke from Swifties, didn't really seem like a compliment.

The insult in question was given over social media, which is the best and worst thing about our society right now. Breslin must be a fan of "Blank Space" — or sick of hearing it — because she turned a popular line from the Swift song into an insult against Swift herself, or so the rumors are saying. Her tweet went out Thursday afternoon:

Ouch. But the thing is, is this really a barbed insult aimed at Swift like a missile from out of, well, nowhere? I mean, if you actually watch the "Blank Space" music video, then Swift is in the role of an unstable cat lady. One of her cats makes an adorable cameo appearance in the video, hanging out in bed with her as she sings and later stabs a cake and makes it bleed. We lauded Swift for her portrayal of the "insane" woman her "long list of ex-lovers" made her out to be, so it seems entirely possible that maybe Breslin only just finally saw the actual video for the song that everyone is has been talking about.

I mean, she has been a little busy producing music videos for songs of her own, songs that were a lot less well-received than Swift's "Blank Space." And she has no actual reason to be jealous of, or angry at, Swift. There's a theory that perhaps she takes umbrage with the fact that Swift spoke to 5SOS's Michael Clifford on Twitter, since Breslin's entire "You Suck" music video was rumored to be about Clifford (earning the ire of even the most casual 5SOS fan). However, that seems like a pretty petty reason for the Zombieland actress to insult Swift, especially considering "You Suck" makes a point of stating how eye-rolling it is that (possibly) Clifford will take the song as evidence that she's obsessed with him.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So if not that, then why is Breslin angry at Swift? I'm still willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she's not. In fact, Breslin has already sent out a tweet clarifying that she wasn't actually referencing Swift at all. Apparently, she was calling herself an emotionally unstable cat lady — as she made sure to clear up in all caps lest there be another uprising against her on the same scale as that of the 5SOS fans who dragged her through the flames on Twitter after the "You Suck" music video was released.

I'd love to say that this will be the end of that potential feud before it even starts, but, like I said, the media seems to be at a loss for interesting rumors to start about Swift. Those dating rumors are getting so old that even Swift is asking for them to be retired on her 25th birthday, and she has stopped naming names when it comes to who her most negative songs are written about. Imagining feuds where there are none is pretty much all that's left.

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