Emma Watson Has Been Single...For a Month

Emma Watson really loves being an actress, but she does not seem to be into the celebrity thing — at all. The girl takes privacy to a new extreme. It's very hard to figure out what she's up to and with whom. Case in point, Emma Watson is single now, and apparently this is not even a new development. Reportedly, Emma Watson broke up with boyfriend Matthew Janney a month ago after a year of dating. Yet somehow we just found out about it now.

As per usual with celebrity breakups, the split is said to be "amicable" and they have remained friends, so what's the reason for the breakup? Watson has a very demanding work schedule, obviously, and he is very busy with university classes. At least it's not anything scandalous. It's just crazy how Watson, one of the world's most sought-after actresses, can maintain such a secretive private life. She is really channeling her inner wizard to keep her life so secretive. Everyone cares about what she's doing and who she's doing it with, yet we are somehow incapable of finding out about it until after the fact.

This not-so-breaking news about her relationship that ended a month ago is not the first time that Emma Watson has flown under the radar in regard to her personal life.

Tom Ducker

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In 2007, reportedly a 17-year-old Watson had her first secret breakup (that we know of!) with her first Rugby player boyfriend Tom Ducker. It came out later that she allegedly broke up with him after photos surfaced of him with another girl. Who in their right mind steps out on Emma Watson? Shaking. My. Head.

Francis Boulle

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Watson dated reality star Francis Boulle in 2008 and that relationship mysteriously fizzled out. That mystery remained until 2011, when Boulle revealed that being a total jerk was the reason for the split. Well, those were not his exact words, but it was implied when he said, "That’s why I chose not to pursue it any longer, because I didn’t want to be the boyfriend of some child actress." That's funny because I would have no clue about his existence if it was not for this relationship.

Jay Barrymore

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The actress reportedly started dating Jay Barrymore in July 2009. Then she was rumored to be dating Rafael Cebrian in Spring 2010, which left people wondering when the relationship ended with Barrymore. Once again, long-distance was to blame for the breakup. And once again, no one has any idea when they actually broke up.

Rafael Cebrian

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Once again, Watson had a social relationship shrouded in secrecy. It is a little unclear if Watson really dated Rafael Cebrian. Some rumors say that she broke up with Barrymore for Cebrian, and Watson was quoted in 2010 saying, "I would like to clear it up. Rafael is not my boyfriend. He is a friend. We met at RADA a couple of years ago and he has showed me around university." It's very unclear (of course) if they actually dated. But rumor has it they were a couple from November 2009 to May 2010. We will probably never know the truth.

Will Adamowicz

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In January 2014, we found out that Watson broke up with boyfriend Will Adamowicz... the summer before. Once again, a "hectic work schedule" was to blame. And, of course, we were all hit with the surprise announcement way after it actually went down. At this point the secrecy does not even shock me.

For one of the biggest stars in the world, she is very skilled at keeping her life under wraps. She really is a great actress.

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