Kris' Mystery Man is Cooking Up Some Romance

Haven't been seeing enough Kris Jenner on Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons? That problem is about to be fixed on this week's new episode, as it sounds like the Kardashian matriarch will be at the center of all the drama. First, she outbids Kim on a New York apartment she's been dying to get her hands on... and then, she'll be getting her groove on, romantically speaking. It all starts when Khloe, Scott, and Kourtney decide they're going to fix Kris up with their Hamptons chef... and unfortunately for them, it seems the hookup goes a little too well — especially since early promos for the show that aired this fall showed Kourtney and Khloe walking in on Kris and the chef in bed together. Um, awkward. So who is Kris' date? His name is Jordan Andino, and he's a celebrity chef.

He's also super good looking and much younger than Kris, but we can talk about that later. Kourtney and Khloe's cook is \ a very talented and accomplished guy, and now I'm even more jealous they haven't invited me over for dinner. You know, other than the fact that it would be awesome to eat beside Lord Disick. Anyway, here's what you should know about Andino.

You May Have Seen him on Food Network

KKTTH is far from Andino's first brush with reality television. Andino, who has been cooking since he was nine, has been featured on Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay. Pretty solid career for a 25-year-old, right? A moment of silence for all of us in our early twenties who now feel totally inadequate.

He Teaches Cooking Classes

If he's the teacher, I'll be happy to learn... if you know what I mean. [Insert winking emoji here.] All jokes aside, Andino's classes would probably be really awesome. He seems to have a lot of interesting stories to tell, and if the photos of the dishes he cooks on Instagram are any indication, he's someone aspiring chefs could learn a lot from.

He Was a Super Cute Kid

Look at this face! Honestly, how could Kris Jenner not fall in love with this face? Also, how crazy is it that he posed for the cover of a kids' cookbook and then actually grew up to be a chef? There's some foreshadowing for you.

He May Already Have a New Flame

Sorry, Kris, but from the looks of Andino's Instagram, it would seem he's dating an adorable blonde named Erin Nieto, and they're really cute together.