The Rock Can Basically Look Into Your Soul

The Rock can apparently do a lot of things. He can wrestle, for instance. He can also act (I mean, who can forget that time he played the tooth fairy in Tooth Fairy ? Priceless). He can also stare deep into your soul, apparently, as indicated by this new clip from Thursday's The Tonight Show episode featuring The Rock and Jimmy Fallon engaging in an intense staredown. The "intense staredown" segment isn't something that's new to The Tonight Show — numerous other celebs have participated in it, including Robert Downey Jr. — but I've gotta say, The Rock really proved he owned this segment.

I won't give too much away, because I really think this segment is better enjoyed if you just watch it and let the twists and turns of the staredown surprise you — in other words, I will not give away who wins this contest! — but I will share this amazing quote, courtesy of The Rock during the segment: "I am the pebble. I am the stone. I am the boulder. I am…the Rock."

I honestly feel like this should be on every single poster for movies that he's in.

You can check out the clip below.

Image: YouTube