12 Questions We Have About the 'Insurgent' Trailer

Having read Insurgent completely on my iPhone the summer after graduating college, my memory of the second installment of the Divergent series is a bit hazy. One, because that was two years ago now (yikes) and two, because apparently, I don't value my eyesight at all. Reading a novel on an iPhone is hard and painful and not all rewarding. Don’t do it. Having said that, this new Insurgent trailer really helped to refresh my memory of the story of Tris Prior and all her badassery that may have gone forgotten in between trips to the optometrist and all that eye crossing I did while squinting as I tried to tan in my backyard.

If one thing's for sure, having read the books or not, this sequel looks to be anything but boring. I consider myself a Hunger Games loyalist, but I have to say this trailer still looks mighty entertaining, even after being introduced less than a month after the Mockingjay premiere. And that’s some stiff competition to go up against. Woodley’s surprisingly good action skills, Naomi Watt's amazing brunette hair, and everything delicious about Theo James aside, this trailer wasn’t perfect, however good it may have seemed. There were still a few questions I had about it, as seen below after the trailer.

Is that the time capsule I buried with my 5th grade class?

If so, it may or may not be housing a few pastel milky pens and a slap bracelet inside.

Ugh, Jeanine. Didn't she die before? No? OK...

Is this one of those Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind things? Was I not supposed to remember that?

Remember when Shailene and Ansel had sex and now they're brother and sister?

Shame on you, weird, incestuous Hollywood casting directors.

Do they get edgy pixie cuts and highlights in post-apocalyptic Chicago?

If so...

...Does that mean they have a Jennifer Lawrence in post-apocalyptic Chicago?

That looks like District 12, doesn't it?

Wait a minute.

A sleeveless vest, Tris?


Should I do what ever Theo James says to do?

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yes. Because, handsomeness.

How can I get me a Miles Teller?

Yes, in whatever degree of evilness. I do not care.

Is this the Tron sequel?

And can I have Olivia Wilde on my screen, please?

Does Kate Winslet age?

No. The answer is no.

Wait... Is there even a plot?

Beats me. But it sure looks cool!

Image: The Divergent Series/ Youtube (3); Giphy (12)