The Craziest Harry Dating Rumor Yet

Well, this is a new romantic link to add to this One Direction singer's long list of rumors. Basically, step aside Taylor Swift, because it looks like Harry Styles is having an affair with President Obama. WHAT?! The only seemingly realness about this fact is that it was reported by the National Examiner. Have you heard of anything more ridiculous? Maybe that Sir Ian McKellen loves 1D, but that is actually true!

The Nov. 24, 2014 cover of the tabloid features the following headline, "Obama Hid His Gay Lifestyle to Be President!" If that isn't ridiculous enough, another line of text reads, "[Obama] had sex with THIS MAN," with an arrow pointing right at Styles' face.

Styles recently responded to the "affair" at the BBC Music Awards after revealing this was the first time he's heard such a rumor. He told Yahoo UK, "I honestly have no idea what you're talking about. I've heard some good ones in my time, but that's interesting."

Let's recognize he doesn't come out and say it's not true, but, come on, I find it extremely hard to believe that Styles is having an affair with the President of the United States. Clearly, Styles is not afraid to admit that he might be interested in both men and women, but I doubt that includes President Obama.

At least Styles and his fellow One Direction bandmates, including Louis Tomlinson, have a good sense of humor about it. Tomlinson jokingly asked Styles, "Does that give you some power in the White House then? Maybe." Styles responds, "Yeah maybe..." He then adds, "I mean... I feel like Niall would be a bit jealous." Bazinga!

Near the end of the interview, Styles asked the interviewer, "Did you want me to confirm or deny?" She asks him if he wants to and he responds, "Not particularly." Yeah, I probably wouldn't comment on something so bonkers either.