Laci Green Has a Point About 'Harry Potter'

Once again proving that if you plan to watch any web series, you should absolutely make it this one, Laci Green dedicated the most recent episode of her web series, MTV Braless , to Harry Potter. And sex. Harry Potter and sex. Considering the amount of sexytimes fanfiction featuring the characters that there happens to be on the Internet, it's a great topic worth discussing right now — and, sadly, one that never happened to get that much attention in the Harry Potter books themselves.

As Green points out, though the characters were growing into teenagers and experiencing the effects of raging hormones that all teens grapple with — as well as dealing with very adult situations like violence and death — the topic of sexuality is never really discussed in the plot, though its hinted a few times. Even Dumbledore, the most powerful wizard in all of the Harry Potter universe, is gay — but we never actually find this out in the books.

In the webisode — though it's only 4 minutes in length — the always-on point Green offers an intriguing theory for the reasoning behind this, as well as some opinions on its significance that every Harry Potter fan should definitely hear.

Check the episode below — then, definitely head on over to the MTV Braless YouTube page to check out the rest of the web series!

Image: YouTube