How Long Until Tom Hiddleson's 'King Kong' Movie?

If you were just as excited about the idea of Tom Hiddleston and King Kong sharing the same screen as I was, you might want to sit down, because I have some extremely upsetting news for you: Apparently, Universal has delayed Kong: Skull Island until March 10, 2017. As in...OVER TWO YEARS.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Rather than the Nov. 4, 2016 release date we had all been anticipating, fans of King Kong (and Hiddleston) will have to wait much, much longer to finally see the two together in theaters.

As an avid fan of the first installment of the 2005 King Kong revamp featuring Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrien Brody and Andy Serkis, I’m pretty sad to hear that I’m going to have to hold off that much longer. I mean, it's been nine years since that film! It's time for a new one!

I’m just praying that this Jordan Vogt-Roberts-directed film is actually a masterpiece as it moves toward a 2017 release in 3D and IMAX 3D, so at least I know the wait was well worthwhile. On a positive note, however, even if it does suck, at least we know it'll include the opportunity to see Hiddleston battle the mysterious creatures of Skull Island as he leads a team of explorers in this upcoming film. And I guess for Hiddleston, it's worth waiting for anything.

Image: gifsoup