Angelina Jolie Reveals She Has Chicken Pox

Will chicken pox-chic ever become a thing? With any luck, it won't catch on any time soon — mostly because communicable diseases are completely inconvenient and totally not fashionable. Besides, I'm pretty sure no one else on this entire planet other than Angelina Jolie can look flawless with chicken pox. (Well, OK, Beyoncé probably could, but that's beside the point.) Honestly, Jolie has to be a real-life version of the curse-wielding Maleficent, otherwise I have absolutely no clue how the ailing actress apparently woke up like this while suffering from a bout of chicken pox. It just doesn't make sense, not to mention the fact that it's utterly unfair.

Jolie revealed the news of her catching chicken pox in a YouTube video (in which she looks totally flawless, pox and all!) posted by the studio behind her new film Unbroken, Universal, along with a press release that, sadly, also reveals she'll be missing her own movie's premiere because of the illness.

Universal Pictures today confirmed that Angelina Jolie will be withdrawing from public events scheduled over the coming days due to a mild bout of chicken pox. She intends to resume her schedule and press engagements at the earliest opportunity.

Here's to hoping Jolie is well soon. Her chicken pox didn't derail her beauty, but they did manage to prevent her from attending the premiere of her new film, Unbroken . True to her compassionate nature, Jolie expressed disappointment at the inconvenience, saying "I just wanted to be clear and honest about why I will be missing the Unbroken events in the next few days, which is that I found out last night that I have chicken pox. I will be home, itching and missing everyone, and I can’t believe it because this film means so much to me."

OK, so that kind of makes me feel bad for hating on a sick woman — even if she has the advantage of having Brad Pitt and six adorable children around to coddle her and spoon-feed her chicken soup while nursing her back to health. Check out Jolie's video below:

Get well soon, Angie!