Kim's Comment About Khloe's Weight Is Not Cool

Being a woman myself, I can't begin to tell you how important it is for all of us ladies to stick together. And after experiencing bullying myself for skin problems (ugh, middle school acne right?), and seeing my own friends bullied throughout our teen years for things like their body weight and even their height, I’m especially against women bodyshaming each other. You’d think by now we’d all learn to accept each other for who we are and stop judging people by their physical appearance, but, as indicated in a recent teaser for Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons where Kim Kardashian makes a comment about Khloe Kardashian needing to lose weight, I’m sensing that’s not the case for all of us.

In the clip with Kim, sister Kourtney, and Scott Disick, the three begin by discussing Khloe’s derriere with Kim saying, “Khloe’s ass is so big, you guys. She’s gotta like lose a couple lbs.”

When Disick expresses his shock (he later notes how the Kardashians are famous for big butts), Kim responds by saying, “It’s huge. Hers is out of control.” She also continues to discuss how she wants a flat ass now — which I’m already 100 percent sure is just for the cameras and to get a reaction out of Disick — but the group then continues by moving on to a different topic of conversation.

Honestly, I was quite amazed that Kourtney didn’t even defend Khloe, and that the two Kardashians were so blasé about the whole thing. After all, Kim basically just borderline bodyshamed her own sister, and, of all people, she should be the most supportive. Kim is basically the face of celebrities with awesome curvy bodies, so it’s shocking that she actually criticized her own family member’s figure. Besides, there’s really nothing wrong with big butts, similar to how there isn’t anything wrong with little butts either. No butt is a wrong butt!

And considering how there’s been so much revolting judgment and comments going on involving Rob Kardashian’s weight gain over the years, you’d think the family would take bodyshaming more seriously — because making comments about other people’s weight is definitely out of line.