Lisa Kudrow Weighs in On The Sony Hack

Is it just me, or does it seem like this whole Sony hacking thing has been going on forever? It's not exactly surprising it's constantly in the news, considering the scary developments that have been happening, and the hackers themselves continue to leak new information on what seems like a near daily basis. And now, Lisa Kudrow is weighing in on the Sony situation and as far as I'm concerned, maybe she should be the one to handle things here on out.

While visiting The Huffington Post this week, Kudrow laid out exactly what she thinks about the leaked emails — like the ones revolving around Angelina Jolie that have caused so much secondhand embarrassment to anyone who's read them — and I couldn't agree more.

"How come I know that you don't write anything you don't want broadcast in an email? How come I know that? Who's advising people? It doesn't matter how many times it says 'This is confidential, meant for just the sender and the recipient.' Why don't we know that there are no rules? Everything is broadcast and published. That's the part I just don't understand ... I think we need to have more boundaries and accountability and personal responsibility for what we say."

Kudrow does have a point — why ever put something in writing that you wouldn't want falling into the wrong hands? The internet does manage to give us somewhat of a false sense of security when it comes to privacy, but the fact that nothing is ever private online should be Computers 101 for most people. Even if your Facebook is locked up, the pictures you post never really go away when you delete them. And even if you send what you think is a confidential email, you need to be prepared for the reality that what you wrote may not be confidential someday.

If Kudrow's Friends alter-ego, Phoebe Buffay, heard about this, she'd undoubtedly be speechless... and then probably try to repair the rift between Sony and the rest of the world with a "Smelly Cat" singalong.