Their Fake Movie Trailer is Awesome

As impossible as it is to pick just one celebrity couple as my favorite, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are definitely at the top of the list. And after seeing one of their most recent projects, I may just love them even more. During the filming of the new Annie reboot — which hits theaters December 19 — the movie was in need of another movie, which is where the former That 70s Show costars come in. It's called MoonQuake Lake , starring Kutcher and Kunis's characters in Annie, and you're definitely going to want to check out this clip.

Kutcher tweeted out a link to the trailer over the weekend, and it couldn't possibly be more confusing. As I understand it, Kunis and Kutcher play love interests... except, like any good movie, their love just isn't meant to be. Why not? Well, Kunis is a girl who lives on the moon (and cries shiny tears possibly made of moon material?) and Kutcher appears to be your average earth-dwelling human, which puts a slight wrench into their relationship.

And among scenes of the couple walking through the woods, floating on a lake on a steamy barge, and embracing near trees, another familiar face pops up. Oh, it's Rihanna, and I'm not sure if she's a good guy or a bad guy after seeing the slightly scary scene where she turns into some sort of blue alien thing. I couldn't possibly do it justice, so you're definitely going to have to watch for yourself.

What does it say about recent movie releases if I told you that if I wasn't already aware this was a fake movie, I wouldn't be that surprised to find out it was real? It seems only slightly less ridiculous than Twilight, guys — which makes sense, since it's meant to be a parody of a movie based on a YA novel. The clips of MoonQuake Lake will be used when Annie goes to a movie premiere, and in Annie, Kunis and Kutcher are known as actors Andrea Alvin and Simon Goodspeed.

Sony is taking this pretty far, because there's even a website dedicated to MoonQuake Lake . The film's tagline? "When you have no choice, how do you choose?" So wise. Best of all, the website auto plays the movie's theme song, performed by Sia and Beck, and offers up a link to the the trailer. Are we sure this isn't a real movie?