What Was Miley Doing in the Hospital?

Although she sings about how she can't stop and won't stop, Miley Cyrus is currently taking it easy. That's because she's recovering from a recent medical procedure. On Friday afternoon, Miley Cyrus had wrist surgery and shared photos from her hospital visit on Instagram. Before you get too worried, an insider told People, "She is fine. She had an outpatient procedure on her wrist yesterday." Phew! Good to know she'll be alright.

As for the photos, the singer shared an image of herself in the hospital making a frowny face. The caption says, "The gown is sooooo hipster" — I guess it's not quite the wardrobe Cyrus is used to, huh? Luckily, she took it upon herself to post an upgraded version of that same picture. And by that, I mean she decorated it with a bunch of photos of pizza. That's an idea I can get behind! Why don't all hospitals give patients pizza gowns?

In addition to those snapshots, Cyrus also posted somewhat graphic photos of her wrist open mid-surgery. Granted, she edited and covered up the area with little pictures of everything from Elvis to Justin Bieber, but it was still a lot to look at — especially because she posted so many of them. Personally, I'd rather not see that. (If you're curious, feel free to check out Miley's Instagram. But don't say I didn't warn you!)

Luckily, not all of her photos are so stomach-churning. She shared Insta shots snuggling with her pups and pet pig, as she has her arm bandaged up. At least we know she's spending her recovery in good company. Get well soon, Miley!