11 Gifts for 'Gilmore Girls' Fans That They Can All Agree On, No Matter Who They 'Ship

Christmas presents can go one of two ways — totally boring or super impressive. Of course, anyone would love getting bath bombs from Lush or a cute Kate Spade agenda, but my favorite gifts have always been the ones that have shown that the giver put a lot of thought into them. For me, that usually means gifts related to the things I love most... and the things I love most are TV shows. Gilmore Girls has always been one of my favorites, and since its release on Netflix in October, for a lot of people, binge watching has totally revived their love of the show, too. There has to be at least one person on your list who's obsessed, and there are a lot of super adorable products out there from the WB's website and the crazy creative people at Etsy that would make awesome gifts for Gilmore Girls fans.

And, you know, this list works if you're in the mood to buy yourself presents, too. Just saying!

Click through the slideshow and get your debit card ready, because if you're anything like me, you're going to want it all.

Image: The CW

Luke's Diner Coffee Mug

Luke’s Diner Coffee Mug, $15, WB Shop

Because how adorable are the coffee stains on the outside of the mug?

Stars Hollow T-Shirt

Stars Hollow Women’s Vneck Screenprinted Shirt, $20, Etsy

Super cute, and it comes in a few different colors. Plus, it looks really comfy.

Luke's Diner Watch

Luke’s Diner Stainless Steel Women’s Watch, $60, WB Store

It’s a little pricy, but who can put a price on nostalgia for your favorite TV show, really?

Lorelai Gilmore Prayer Candle

Lorelai Gilmore White Unscented Prayer Candle, $14, Etsy

Because who better to guide you in your pursuit of coffee, grumpy diner owners, and cute shoes?

Dragonfly Inn T-Shirt

Dragonfly Inn Lavender T-Shirt, $25, Amazon

Pretend you brought it back from your last trip to Stars Hollow.

'Gilmore Girls' Postcards

Gimore Girls Postcards Combo Pack, $12, Etsy

These. Are. Amazing. And if you want to take your gift giving to the next level? Add adorable frames.

Luke's Diner Ornament

Luke’s Diner Ornament, $17, WB Store

My favorite Christmas trees are the ones with plenty of TV references.

Dean Vs. Jess Print

Dean vs. Jess Print — Hand Illustrated, $20, Etsy

Perfect for anyone who can’t pick between the two — or for your friend who’s Team Dean and needs to be converted to Team Jess (or vice versa).

'Gilmore Girls' Phone Case

Lorelai and Rory Phone Case For iPhone and Galaxy, $13, Amazon

Take Rory and Lorelai with you everywhere. It’s obviously a necessity.

'Gilmore Girls': The Complete Series

Gilmore Girls: The Complete Series Collection DVDs, $136, Amazon

This is perfect for the uninitiated — and those who still refuse to pay for Netflix accounts.

Miss Patty's Tank Top

Miss Patty’s School of Ballet Racerback Tank Top, $20 from Etsy

I see no better option for hitting the treadmill at the gym — or even dance class, maybe? That would be so perfect.