'AYTO?'s Ellie & Nathan Aren't Giving Many Clues

After a super dramatic second season, Are You The One ? has finally exposed all 10 perfect matches and I'm so glad that Ellie and Nathan were one of them. Ellie was always one of my favorite girls in the house since the first episode, and her playful, tells-it-like-it-is personality is so compatible with Nathan's. When Since they seemed so well suited to each other, I wouldn't be surprised if their relationship stuck. So are Ellie and Nathan still together? Monday night's reunion show will tell all, but until then, we have to work off of context clues from their various social media accounts.

And unfortunately, Ellie and Nathan are dropping exactly zero clues. In fact, Nathan's most recent tweets suggest that he's still single. Why do I draw that conclusion? Because guys with girlfriends tend not to share photos of mostly naked, seemingly random girls they think are hot on Twitter... or post cryptic messages that may or may not be directed at future potential suitors. But that's just me. I could be totally wrong.

And after all, he did post this picture of him and Ellie on Instagram from the show, so if they are in a relationship, he might just be doing a good job of keeping it on the down low.

But to be fair, Ellie hasn't said much about Nathan publicly, either — except for a few retweets from AYTO fans who are glad they ended up as matches. And she did tweet this about a dream she had (and Nathan retweeted it, for whatever that's worth).

It seems like Ellie's been pretty busy, though. Over the weekend, she hit Taco Bell with her cousins for a little family bonding time. Is it just me, or are those some seriously intimidating children? If Nathan is dating her, he better make sure he doesn't cross any lines.

And like her castmates Christina and Jess, she's mostly just thankful for the friendships she made while on the show. Smart move, since everyone knows friendships often outlast relationships. And the bond that Ellie, Christina, Bianca, and Jess formed during their time stuck together in the house is kind of adorable, as is this selfie she posted with Christina.

Supposedly, the girls are trying for their own reality show... which I would totally be tempted to watch. Maybe they'll reveal some more info during Monday night's reunion?

Image: MTV