Taylor Swifts Talks Sexism with Barbara Walters

Taylor Swift is having a pretty great birthday week. The "Blank Space" singer turned 25 on Dec. 13, and she has two hits on the Billboard Hot 100 to help her celebrate. Even better: Swift is one of Barbara Walters' Ten Most Fascinating People this year. Pretty good for an artist who's barely old enough to rent a car. But T-Swift didn't just go on the special to promote her music or bask in Walters' praise. Because she is a multi-tasking goddess who uses her platform for good, Swift also shared a serious message about sexism in the music industry.

When the legendary reporter asked Swift about criticisms that her lyrics are too personal, the 1989 singer had this to say: "If a guys shares his experience in writing, he's brave. If a woman shares her experience in writing, she's over emotional, she's crazy, 'watch out she'll write a song about you.'" It's a message we've heard over and over: Swift dates too much, she's a crazy ex-girlfriend, et cetera, et cetera. And it's clear she's finally had enough. The music star made her haters into her motivators on her latest album, by writing songs in which she personified the outlandish villain the critics make her out to be. It was a good move, Swift is laughing all the way to the bank, with this year's highest grossing albums. Holla.

With all the speculation over whether certain stars — including Swift — are feminists, it's nice to hear a high profile woman point out an obvious double standard so confidently. Swift knows what's up: she's one of the most powerful players in the music industry today. But she still has to deal with sexism and comments that the men on her level aren't subjected to. Although, I can't be too upset: All that negativity gave us "Blank Space" and the rest of 1989, and for that, I'm eternally in those misogynists' debt.