Even Scar-Jo Has Body Image Issues

Luscious lips. A full figure. A deep, smoky voice. Scarlett Johansson is an award winning actress who stars in indies, mega blockbusters, and everything in between — but there's no denying she's known for her physical attributes as well. The girl's got it going on, and she's been able to use her sex appeal and her mega acting talent to boost herself into the upper echelon of Hollywood. Get it, girl. But, as Johansson said during her 10 Most Fascinating People 2014 interview, she doesn't consider herself sexy.

Hold up, Scar-Jo. For real? Did you not see Don Jon? Just in case you're one of those actresses who don't like to watch their own work, let me fill you in: you are, in fact, sexy. Embrace it! Johansson did just have a baby, with her new husband the French journalist Romain Dauriac, so maybe she's figuring out how to adjust to her changing body. She mentioned that she's not crazy about her mid-section — to which Walters (like everybody else on their couches at home) replied, "There's nothing wrong with that from where I'm sitting." Walters is a groundbreaking female journalist, so when I think we can rely on her to tell the unbiased truth.

Maybe Johansson was just trying to be modest when she said, "I don't know what it means to be sexy," and added that she thinks her body is unremarkable. And I'm certainly not saying that the actress's appearance should be her most talked about attribute (if you were wondering, we all should be talking about her performance in Under the Skin). But women — especially women in the public eye — have so many people telling them they're bodies aren't perfect: that they need to tighten this and tone that. So when a woman looks like a movie star, it doesn't hurt to have a little confidence. We all know you're gorgeous, Scarlett. You should know it too!

And just in case you're not convinced, here's a little evidence that might persuade you:

A lady who kicks ass and can rock a zip up jump suit? No wonder she's one of Barbara's "Most Fascinating People."