Will 'AYTO?' Get Another Lesson-Filled Season?

MTV's latest ridiculous and entertaining dating series Are You the One? pairs the two goals that fuel every reality show — money and "love." It reads like an ambitious dating experiment cooked up by a mad scientist who watched too many episodes of I Love New York. Everything you need to know about the premise can be found in the tagline, "If your perfect match was standing right in front of you would you even know it?" I don't know, but I'm sure you're going to tell me, MTV! However, will there be a Season 3 of Are You the One? so that I truly learn the answer to that question?

Unfortunately, MTV hasn't yet announced a third season, which is really disappointing. You might be wondering why I'm hoping for another season of the series, besides the delicious schadenfreude it brings. But like all great reality shows, Are You the One? inadvertently can teach a lot about how not to act in the game of love. Yes, the men can be dense and manipulative. Yes, the women can be messy and underhanded. Yes, everyone falls in love faster than it takes you to drink your morning smoothie. But that doesn't mean you can't learn valuable life lessons from Are You the One?

Communication is Key!

The drama between Anthony and Ellie, especially earlier in Season 2, is probably the best example of this issue. In Episode 5, we witness a very drunk Ellie freak out over Anthony flirting with and kissing other girls. Were they in a relationship? No. Did Anthony give her false hope? Maybe. But he also made it clear he looked at her as a friend and wasn't physically attracted to her. Watching Ellie freak out reminds me about you shouldn't get ahead of yourself unless you've discussed exclusivity (or the lack thereof). And when someone doesn't dig you, move on! Beating yourself up over someone isn't worth it.

Girl, Love Thyself

Trust me, I know how hard it is to have a rock solid sense of self esteem. But if reality shows have underscored anything, it is how important real confidence is to not only finding romantic love, but surviving in this world. Understandably, this seems to be difficult for many of the show's contestants. But hinging your self-worth on outside forces, especially a cute dude you barely know, just isn't a good idea. Learning to love yourself makes savoring life — the bitter and the sweet — a much more fulfilling experience.

Matchmaking Totally Shouldn't Rule Your Romantic Decisions

While Season 1 fan favorites Amber and Ethan are still together, they're obviously an exception to the rule when it comes to reality shows. In Season 2 we saw Curtis and Briana bond pretty intensely, who felt comfortable throwing around the word "love" pretty quickly. Unfortunately, they weren't deemed a "perfect match" leading to lots of tears and sulking. But why believe the science of matchmaking?

Have you ever been on an OkCupid date with a dude you thought would be prime relationship material? They're attractive, funny, fine as hell, and you've even talked on the phone quite a bit. Based on your profiles, you match over 80 percent. Sounds aces, right? Then you go on a date and find you two have zero chemistry. Or it's fun, but there's no long term potential. No amount of "matchmaker science" can account for chemistry and the variety of factors necessary for a romantic relationship to work.

There Is So Much More Romance in Your Future

Heartbreak can be downright debilitating. But one thing I've had to remind myself at the ripe old age of 25 is that there are so many more romantic opportunities in my life. Each breakup, while painful, is a learning experience. Of course when the pain is fresh, it is hard to remind ourselves that we will have future loves, but that doesn't make it untrue.

So while you wait for any word of a third season of Are You the One?, keep these life lessons in mind and rewatch some of your favorite reality shows of the past, maybe you'll learn even more. Images: MTV; Giphy (3); bobsburgersgifs/Tumblr (2)