These Netflix Movies Are Leaving You Very Soon

2015 is near, and although the end of the world was supposed to be, what, like three years ago, I'm starting to think it's actually the end of 2014 that will be our doomsday. Why am I being so dramatic? Is it a Mayan calendar? A Bruce Almighty situation? No. It's the fact that Netflix is removing some of the biggest movies from its streaming services come Jan. 1, 2015. I'm talking Breakfast Club big, people! This is not a drill, and we absolutely cannot take this lightly. We need to get binging, together. So, what movies are leaving Netflix on January 1?

Well, first things first. We can all calm down a little bit since often enough, movies that expire make a second or third round of appearances later in the year, but are you really going to risk not seeing Saved! because you think it might come back on Netflix in a few months? Is that risk worth the potential reward? Netflix has released a list of movies that will no longer be streaming in the new year, so here are the important ones that you need to watch in the next couple of weeks or live with the shame of never knowing what happens at the end of You've Got Mail, forever.

Love Actually

This trailer is so 2003, with a voiceover track, but isn't that what we love about it? Not only is Love Actually a movie that should NEVER BE TOUCHED, NETFLIX, but it is also the perfect holiday movie. If you haven't seen it before, now is your chance, and if you have seen it a hundred times, what's 101 times?


Gladiator is one of those movies you just have to see, whether you have an interest in history or not. It's extremely well done, and — as much as I hate to use this word — epic. The film (and its actors) won a combined five Academy Awards.

Hotel Rwanda

Another extremely powerful, educational, and eye-opening film (maybe it's the power of Joaquin Phoenix?). The film is a historical drama covering the Rwandan genocide. You might have watched this in a high school social studies class, but it is 100 percent worth your attention now that you're older.

The Breakfast Club

I don't even know where to begin with this one. Who, what, why, and how, Netflix? Who made this decision? What were they thinking? Why would you hurt the masses by taking this off of streaming? And HOW DARE YOU? After watching this, I've never wanted to be in detention so bad.

My Girl

Get ready to cry your eyes out ("His glasses!" gets me every damn time). Note that My Girl 2 is also on Netflix, but just like almost every other sequel, the first film is far superior.

Happy Gilmore

You'll need to come down from the emotional high of a lot of these movies, so why not rely on Adam Sandler (from 1996, before he got too Adam Sandler-y) for that?


The trailer for the movie is almost as long as the movie itself. You've seen it a million times before, but you just can't deny a young Leo DiCaprio, can you? Also, they both could have fit on the door.

The Parent Trap

This just feels illegal, in some way. Isn't having The Parent Trap on Netflix streaming written into the Constitution as a basic human right?

You've Got Mail

A classic in rom-com history. Honestly, how are these two allowed to do movies without each other? If you love them in Sleepless In Seattle you definitely love them in You've Got Mail. Also, a great movie to remember back to AOL mail's classic tagline.


Worth a watch if only for Kevin James' dance moves. Wouldn't be an end to 2014 without them.

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