9 of Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Best Moments of 2014 

It's definitely been a whirlwind of a year for Kate Middleton and Prince William — between announcing that Kate's pregnant with baby number two, all of Prince George's firsts, and the royal couple's travels around the world, they've been incredibly busy. But no matter how full their schedule became, they still managed to make me utterly jealous that I'm not a duchess... and that I don't have access to Kate's closet. I will be eternally broken-hearted that America does not have its own monarchy for me to swoon over, even though the democracy thing we have going is pretty cool.

Click through the slideshow to see the best of Kate and Will's year — and then join me in sobbing over the fact that our civilian years just cannot compare.

Everything Kate Ever Wore

Has Kate ever looked bad in anything she’s ever worn? No, she has not — and 2014 was a great year for Kate’s style. There are few other people who can pull off a casual top and jeans as well as they pull off an evening gown, and Kate is one of them.

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Kate Beats Will at Sailing

When Will and Kate visited New Zealand last spring, they went head to head in a sailing race in the Auckland Harbor. Kate totally kicked Will’s ass in the race, proving that even civilian born royals are perfectly capable of hitting the finish line first.

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Will & Kate's Trip Down Under

Will and Kate — and Prince George, of course — set off on a tour in April 2014, where their boating race took place. But they didn’t just visit New Zealand. Australia was also on their agenda, and the photos that came out of the family while they were traveling were some of the cutest ever. Plus, it looks like they had a blast and made some awesome memories that Prince George has probably already forgotten, since he’s one. It probably helps that he was lauded with gifts and attention, though.

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Prince George Turns One

On July 22, 2014, Prince George officially celebrated his first birthday, which included a Peter Rabbit-themed party at the palace, of course.

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Kate Announces Her Second Pregnancy

After months upon months of crazy rumors about Kate being pregnant with twins, she finally announced that she is pregnant with George’s future little brother or sister early this fall. I couldn’t be more excited to meet their newest little one, and my fingers are crossed for a girl.

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Will & Kate Met One Direction

And if this had happened to me, it would have been my number one moment of 2014. And, of course, Harry Styles took a minute to tell reporters that, for a pregnant lady, ”she didn’t look bumpy.” Cue facepalm.

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Will & Kate Take a Babymoon to Scotland

And by babymoon, I mean they brought Prince George with them for one last vacation before the second baby is born. In Scotland, the duke and duchess stayed in Balmoral Castle — Queen Elizabeth’s Scottish pad. Where travel is concerned, George pretty much has it made.

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Kate's Eyeroll Moment

Kate is basically all of us, guys. When she was gift wrapping in Harlem during her recent visit to New York, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes at a bossy supervisor who told her to “keep wrapping.” Her side eye is flawless.

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Will & Kate Meet Beyoncé

When the royal couple attended a Brooklyn Nets game, they happened to run into Beyoncé and Jay Z, and I’m not sure how I’m still functioning knowing that this happened. Should this story be framed as Prince William and Kate Middleton meet fans at basketball game, or British Tourists meet Beyoncé and Jay Z? I don’t know who’s more famous in this scenario, but I do know I love every minute of it.

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