Meet 'Friends to Lovers?' Cast of Close Friends Who Want To Take It To the Next Level

There's a new show on Bravo that promises to have you cringing from awkward kisses, and cowering at the threat of just how many times they could possibly fit the phrase "friend zone" into one hour — Friends To Lovers? The reality series seems to be trying to capitalize on the fun to be had in wishing two friends on a TV show would realize they're perfect for each other and fall in L-U-V.

But whereas we'd spent seasons with Sam and Diane or Nick and Jess before they made their move toward romance, we don't know these actual human strangers at all. No to mention, the aforementioned examples are pretty foreboding for these potential "lovers." But still, let's give these real-life pals a shot...

If reading about these couples or watching Monday night's special preview get you hooked, don't worry. There will be plenty more once Friends To Lovers? premieres on Monday, Jan. 12 at 10 p.m.

Image: Paul Drinkwater/Robert Ascroft/Andrew Eccles/Bravo

by Jodi Walker

Alex Goldman & Kris Ruby

Every relationship has a “pursuer” and a “pursued,” and Alex and Kris are cut and dry. Alex wants to be with Kris and Kris is semi-willing to entertain the idea. Bravo describes them both as successful business owners: Kristen owns her own PR firm at only 27, and encouraged Alex to turn his chef skills into a full catering business.

Prediction: Just friends

Image: Robert Ascroft/Bravo

Melanie Marden & Greg Plitt

Oh, Greg and Melanie… Greg and Melanie are what I want to see on this show, and not just for their rock hard abs. If you’re going to try and become lovers with your best friend, you’ve got to swing for the fences, and by fences, I mean become, y’know, lovers… they hit the sack pretty quickly, according to the Bravo promos, is what I’m saying. Greg and Melanie both run in the overlapping fields of entertainment and health, and methinks they might have been poached from a Millionaire Matchmaker casting. Either way, they seem like a good fit who have mostly been kept apart by prior relationships.

Prediction: Lovers and a spinoff, or at least some sort of photo shoot

Image: Paul Drinkwater/Bravo

Jin Mosley & Sydney Hall

Jin is used to the married life, having recently divorced from famous boxer Sugar Shane Mosley, according to Bavo. Sydney works in the nightlife industry and blames his single status on never meeting any women who are “girlfriend material.” Sydney thinks Jin is that woman, and Jin has feelings for him too, but she’s probably about to discover that there is a totally different reason Sydney is single. Actually, all of these people seem like they might have been poached from Millionaire Matchmaker.

Prediction: That “I don’t want to ruin our friendship” fear is real.

Image: Paul Drinkwater/Bravo

Darion Lowenstein & Charley Walters

Charley and Darion have been extremely close friends for the past two years, but now that Charley has broken up with his boyfriend of five years, there’s room for a little more love in the friendship. Bravo says Charley is a social PR butterfly and Darion has a truly impressive video game producer resume, and I say, somebody is about to get hurt.

Prediction: Charley is rebounding, and Darion doesn’t know it.

Image: Andrew Eccles/Bravo

Marshana Ritchie & Stefan Lienhard

Bravo says Marshana and Stefan originally met on eHarmony, but they quickly decided they were better off just-friends. Marshana was on Season 12 of The Bachelor and now it looks like she’s the driving force behind becoming just-lovers with Stefan. These two are probably the most classic example of hoping that late night conversations will suddenly turn into something more, and then suddenly realizing that sometimes you have to just sit in someone’s lap and start making out with them to let them know how you feel.

Prediction: L-O-V-E

Image: Robert Ascroft/Bravo