Gaby Hoffmann Gives Birth to Baby Girl!

Another actress just welcomed a baby into the world! Girls and Transparent star Gaby Hoffmann gave birth to a baby girl named Rosemary with boyfriend Chris Dapkins, Hoffmann's manager confirmed to Us Weekly exclusively. Last month, the duo welcomed Rosemary, who is their first child together. Hoffmann's manager released the following statement:

Gaby had a daughter, Rosemary, with boyfriend Chris Dapkins, born at home on November 19. Everyone is healthy and doing great.

On June 4, Hoffmann arrived with her baby bump at the screening of her movie Obvious Child surprising everyone with her pregnancy. Immediately, Girls' fans made the connection that Hoffmann was pregnant just like her character, Caroline, on the HBO smash hit. At that moment, I guess life was imitating art, huh?

Now that she is officially a mom, who else hopes Hoffmann has a Now and Then marathon with her little girl? Not only would that be a great bonding experience and mother/daughter activity, but it's the perfect way to introduce Rosemary to her mother's acting talent. Oh, and it's one '90s movie that is an educational experience and a must for every young girl and teen. I don't know about you, but it taught me so much — like how pudding-filled balloons make better fake boobs than jello-filled balloons.

Congrats to Hoffmann and Dapkins, and welcome to baby Rosemary!